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Imagine a world in which we act with intention, play to our strengths, and live modestly as
a life ambition.

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What’s the point of living, if not for making the world (even a tad) better than we found it, so that others may continue to thrive after we’re gone?!

The planet will keep on spinning with or without us, but we need our planet more than our planet needs us. That’s the basic truth. No one will come and save us from ourselves. It’s time to take action by being (and doing) our best, so that together, we can create a happier and sustainable Home not only for us to survive, but also, for others to thrive.

Please read (or listen to) the letter about the human predicament along with my vision for the near future. Then, share it with others. Remember, together, we are better than each of us on our own.

Imagine a world in which we…

Focus on the (human) being first, and the “doing” second

Let love guide our thoughts, words, and actions

Depart from living a reactive, fast-paced life to living a slower, proactive one

Give everything we do the time and attention it deserves, because how we do anything is how we do everything

Shift from living for ourselves to living in service of others (without undermining ourselves)

Use our strengths to complement others' weaknesses

Do fewer things well in the short term, so we can do more in the long term

Stop making our work the center of our lives and start making our work a part of it

Realize that our profits don’t have to come at the cost of our planet (we can have both, and it’s the only way forward)

Move from short-term thinking to making better long-term choices

Live our lives as if we were complete (because we are)

Stop looking for happiness in outside experiences and realize it's within

Retire from constantly wanting more to being content with what we have

Base our actions on what is in the best interest of our planet, because that will ultimately be in our interest as well

About Rishi Dass

Hi. I am a living philosopher. I believe there is no greater success in the world than rightful living — how we live matters more than what we “achieve.” It’s only when we act from the being, we end up doing everything better.

I wake up every day to inspire others (including myself) to live a less, but better life, so that together, we may all live a life that matters, and create a better future along the way, because more is not the answer.

I help others simplify their lives, set changes in motion, and do things naturally (joyfully and sustainably). I do this through writing, coaching, speaking, and community building.

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What’s the point of embarking on a journey if you only care about reaching your destination?! Success (or growth) that comes at a price isn’t true success. How we live matters more than what we “achieve.”

Every day is an opportunity for us to be (and do) our best. There is nothing to achieve. There is nowhere to arrive.

I invite you to explore the philosophy, which has inspired others to live a less, but better life, and I hope, it will inspire you too.

Hear me speak

The only thing more impactful than reading the philosophy is hearing me speak (in person or online). Besides, there is nothing I enjoy more than talking to others about living a life that matters (and creating a better future along the way).

Over the years, I have shared the philosophy with people from all walks of life (from young adults to retirees and everyone in between), which has inspired them to live and work better.

Today, I talk to others about mental health, simple living, and true success.

Work with me

I believe your work should revolve around your life, and not vice-versa. Your success at work shouldn’t have to come at the cost of your personal or social life. You can do both. It’s the only way to live naturally (joyfully and sustainably).

I guide overworked executives, successful business owners, and overstretched celebrities to have more time for their loved ones without losing their effectiveness at work. I call it Work and Love.

Feel free to reach out with other coaching/consulting inquiries. Please note I’m offering this service in a personal capacity only for a limited time.