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What’s the point of embarking on a journey if you only care about reaching your destination?!

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The themes I see in Rishabh’s writing are incredibly helpful in improving personal effectiveness and becoming the best version of ourselves.

Rishabh’s writing has a quality of starting out with a very simple theme, a simple idea, and then developing into a surprising and deep look at some core component of what it means to work, or be creative, or be human. I always learn something. He always makes me think.

Rishabh’s writing is articulate, lucid, simple, and engaging. He can connect with himself as well as with the readers quite nicely. He can present any new concept by inter-relating various dimensions from theory and practical life.

Rishabh’s writing is original, realistic, and interesting. Since his writing is done with a genuine purpose to extend knowledge inputs for a better life, it adds much more meaning to his writing. Also, it conveys the noble cause that he lives as part of his mission — of being useful to this world.

I’ve worked with Rishabh for over five years and admire his dedication to the writing craft. His insights into the human spirit enlightens us to what the purpose of life should be. He can expertly break down a complicated subject and offer real-world examples that distill practical advice and knowledge for any reader.