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What’s the point of having success at work, if you can’t enjoy it with those you love? I call it Work and Love.

Work with me

Are you an overworked executive, a successful business owner, or an overstretched celebrity, who struggles to find time for your relationships, which consequently affects your work as well?

  • Do you find yourself working from home or living at work?
  • Has your success at work often come at the expense of your relationships, ergo, affecting both?
  • Do you often work 50+ hour weeks only to feel stretched thin and overworked?
  • Do you forgo important personal events in your life to meet work deadlines only to regret it later?
  • Do you find yourself physically present with your loved ones, but mentally thinking about work?

If you answered yes to any (or all), you are not alone (and that’s okay).

The more success you have (at work), the harder it can be for you to prioritize what’s most important to you. But, here’s the thing. There will always be more to do than you can possibly do. Does that mean you spend most of your time working? Remember, you can always make another buck, but you cannot create another minute.

Success that comes at a price isn’t true success. Gandhi said:

A person cannot do right in one department of life [work] whilst attempting to do wrong in another department [love]. Life is one indivisible whole.

When all is said and done, what do you wish to be remembered for? Do you want your tombstone to read you worked 50+ hours a week OR you made a lifetime of wonderful memories with someone you loved whilst living in service of others?

Work and Love

Now, imagine a world where you prioritize your relationships, and enjoy your life by putting work in its proper place — in service of the people you love and the things that make you happy.

Freud once said:

Love and work. Work and love. That’s all there is.

I believe your work should revolve around your life, and not vice-versa. Your success at work doesn’t have to come at the cost of your relationships (nor your work has to suffer because of love). Not only can you have both, it’s the only (sustainable) way forward.

I guide overworked executives, successful business owners, and overstretched celebrities to have more time for their relationships without losing their effectiveness at work. It’s one of the ways I get to live my Why.

My goal is to help you work less, so you can give more to the people you love without compromising your effectiveness at work.

I call it Work and Love. I work with you to:

  • Bring your life into balance
  • Find a path that honors your financial goals
  • Build deep connections with the people you love

Are we right for each other?

I will only work with you if your values align with mine:

  • Act with intention
  • Simplify
  • Set things in motion
  • Think long-term, and
  • Do the right thing

Please note I’m not here to persuade you to work with me OR to convince you that Work and Love is the “right way” OR any variation thereof. If you have to ask these questions, we are probably not right for each other.

Furthermore, I can only help you, if you want to be helped. That may sound obvious, but you already need to be motivated to change; I can’t help you with that part. No one can. Besides, I’m not a miracle worker; I can only be your guide. You have to walk on the path.

What you can expect

In my sessions, I offer a safe space for you to get in touch with your inner wisdom.

Together, we will get clear on what you already know you want to do, but are too stressed, distracted, confused, and/or afraid to get there on your own.

The work we do together will be focused on yourself. This isn’t about changing others (in your personal and work life). Our focus will be on what you can do to make things better for yourself (and, by extension, for those around you).

I’m here to help you do the work, and not do the work for you.

If you get better, it will be because of you. I’m only here to facilitate the process and support you in reaching your goals.

What coaching looks like

We’ll start the coaching process with a brief call to explore your challenge and to determine if we are right for each other. Once we decide to work together, you’ll sign up for the first session.

Typically, it takes 3 to 5 sessions to help you get to where you want to be. It can take more or fewer sessions depending on your progress. This is why we will evaluate after each session, if there’s more work to be done.

Each session will be for an hour over video for a fixed fee. You get to set the agenda for our meeting at the start and then, we’ll focus on one aspect of the challenge you’re faced with, before we debrief at the end. You will then decide (and commit to) the next steps, which we will review in the following session.

I’m here to help you make progress in the shortest time possible. I’ve found coaching time to be inversely proportional to effectiveness. That means the less time you spend with me, the more you improve, and the bigger impact you make in your life (and of those around you).

Clients who achieve their Work and Love goals routinely go on to work with me to have a greater focus in their lives to not just be successful, but to feel successful.

My work with clients is confidential, as will be my work with you.

What others are saying

Over the years, I have coached successful business owners and overworked executives to help them reclaim their time and attention for themselves, their families, and their teams. Here’s what some of them have shared with me:

Rishabh is an unbelievable business resource! His uncanny ability to bring things to a level that they are manageable and doable rather than overwhelming and daunting is tremendous. I think if you spend a few minutes together, you’ll both hugely benefit from the discussion. He’s been a huge breath of fresh air in improving my effectiveness and my results.

Rocket Scientist

Rishabh’s contributions [as a Trusted Advisor] have added lasting value to our organization. One of the things he has assisted us with is improving our core team’s performance. His efforts have resulted in getting our team to communicate better and staying on top of our projects. Rishabh contributed to our organization in a multitude of ways and his involvement with our movement was truly indispensable. We were incredibly proud and lucky to have him work with us.

Nonprofit CEO

When it comes to executive coaching, there are loads of commentators that talk good, but Rishabh makes it happen. He has enabled me to challenge my personal paradigms on self-management and effectiveness. His succinct writing on various topics are interesting and engaging at the same time.

Managing Director, Financial Services organization

I started reading your newsletter a while ago, not sure where I first saw it, and was immediately hooked. It seems to bring about a sense of calm when I read it and I have tried to internalise the lessons/advice they contain. It’s a bit like listening to a mentor give course correction if that makes sense. Even though I am now retired I still like to read your email and experience that feeling of being grounded, I also like to slip the lessons into conversations with those still working and to see if they resonate with them. Your weekly emails are always worthwhile, thoughtful and enlightening.

Retiree (UK)

I used Rishabh’s services to improve my own effectiveness. He helped me with a number of solutions, workflows, and tools that helped me improve my personal and team performance. I also used his services to facilitate a problem-solving session and I found him quite objective and unbiased in helping my team members resolve their differences. I highly recommend him as a coach for Business Owners/CEOs as well as their teams.

Founder, Civil infrastructure organization

Work with me

  • Get in touch to explore if this coaching is right for you (and yours).
  • If you’d like to coach/consult with me on something else, please reach out.


I’m offering this personal coaching only for a limited time, because why work with a few when you can inspire the many?! Coaching is simply one of the ways I get to live my Why. My real goal is to find the others to advance the cause I care about. Again, please take advantage of this opportunity while you can, as I won’t be available in this personal capacity for long.